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Inside or out, choose glass balustrades for unobstructed views and loads of natural light.

Don’t compromise on safety to get the look you’re after!

Use glass balustrades for a safe, functional barrier that adds a modern, architectural touch to your deck, balcony, stairway, landing and mezzanine. Outside, your glass balustrade will help block the wind and wet weather, giving you a more pleasant and usable outdoor space. Inside, glass lets natural light shine through your home or office, giving it an airy, spacious feel. Glass is contemporary and easy to clean and maintain, providing the safety you need in any raised areas.

Helensville Glass use high-quality balustrade products that meet all the specifications and requirements of the New Zealand Building Code.

We issue Council-required producer statements for all glass balustrade installations. Ideal for use in both commercial and residential spaces, your options include:

  • Frameless, semi-frameless or completely framed 
  • Three levels of safety glass
  • An extensive range of fixing options

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Glass Pool Fences

While safety is the number one priority when it comes to pool fencing, we know you want a stylish option that enhances the look of your outdoor area. Glass pool fences and gates comply with current NZ Safety Standards, yet are visually unobtrusive, giving you clear views into the pool area and the surrounding landscape design.

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